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Vendomnia stands for the highest standard e-commerce company. We provide high-quality products to our customers.

What we do

Customer Care

Need help?

Our support team aims to answer all the questions you might have and cater to all your customer needs. Let your shopping experience be a positive one!


With us, you can find everything you need!

Our team of meticulous procurement managers will provide you with a vast variety of products to choose from.


Your desired product is only a click away!

Our devoted and enthusiastic sales and marketing professionals are responsible for market research and monitoring, development of new online marketing strategies, as well as the optimisation of the product pages which ensures that you are provided with the best buying experience.


There’s no time to waste!

You can rely on our detailed organisation of shipment and distribution. Our products reach our customers in a timely manner.

Our Experts

Comprising of several departments and employing individuals with a skill set in the purchasing, sales, logistics and customer care fields our company operates by achieving productive synergy formed in strong mutual collaboration.

Product procurement is considered to be the first step in conducting an e-commerce business. What actually precedes this stage is the market research governed by the sales department.

Permanent analysis and innovation of the product portfolio, as well as the optimisation of the listings are their priority. The merchandise is stored and shipped from a warehouse in Germany via reliable delivery service companies.

The customer service is the intermediary between us and the customers, resolving the clients’ questions promptly and providing us with useful information on how to further upgrade our products and service.

Who we are

Vendomnia is an e-commerce company based in Wiesau, Germany. We are offering our customers a broad spectrum of merchandise and spare no efforts towards meeting their expectations.

In this business endeavour we depend on our versatile team of highly skilled professionals, each in their field of expertise: procurement, sales and logistics. Final word belongs to the qualified support of our customer care service agents, who are there to make sure that each customer experience is up to the highest standards.

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